Vicki Muzyk '12

Vicki Muzyk

I am most honored to be a part of the School for Continuing Education and Professional Studies program. At 43, I finally earned my Bachelor of Science Degree in business administration. Wow-the family sacrifice that learning as an adult requires is most tiresome-but WE did it. I cannot thank my family enough for standing by me along the way.

Life has been most kind to me, I think a tribute to both luck and hard work. The reason I continue to pursue my education is due, in part, to my desire to fulfill a life-long dream of a college degree, my drive to set an example to my teenagers and, last but not least, to become the best leader and employee I can to support my personal mission of excellence. 

Elizabethtown has provided me the tools to better understand business theory, leadership principles, strategy/innovation models and relationships that when all working in tangent present me the possibilities to succeed and win in the game of life.

I will be a life-long student. Elizabethtown is my college and I am very proud to be a part of its mark on the world.