Accelerated Bachelor's Degrees

You've got (earning) potential.

College graduates earn an average of $650,000 more in their lifetime than peers with a high school diploma. – Pew Research, 2012

The accelerated bachelor's degree programs at Elizabethtown College's School of Professional and Continuing Studies were designed for adult learners like you. Focus on one class at a time in short, five-week sessions in person, online or both. We offer degrees in the following areas of study:

Bachelor of Arts

Bachelor of Science

Also, our EXCEL degree completion program allows adult learners with professional experience and 50 college credits the opportunity to earn a bachelor of professional studies in business administration, corporate communications, criminal justice, human services, public administration and religious studies.

The SCPS also offers a number of associate degree programs. You might want to consider earning an associate's degree first as a milestone on the way to earning your bachelor's degree.

Vicki Kunkle '12, Business Administration

I am most honored to be a part of the School of Continuing and Professional Studies program. At 43, I finally earned my bachelor of science in business administration. Wow. The family sacrifice that learning as an adult requires is most tiresome, but WE did it. I cannot thank my family enough for standing by me along the way.