Associate in Human Services

Human Services

Help Yourself on the Way to Helping Others

More than ever before, people of all ages and backgrounds are facing mounting challenges, from health and well-being to family stresses and financial burdens. This means there’s a growing demand for compassionate, community-minded professionals to help others improve their everyday life. 

An associate degree in human services from the School of Continuing and Professional Studies will allow you to start or grow in your career of helping others. Here, you will gain an understanding of the underlying issues that influence individuals—and society as a whole. You will leave with the knowledge and skills needed to administer or manage services for others or to advocate on their behalf. 

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Career Opportunities and Outlook:

Career Opportunities:

This rewarding field presents opportunities in many different avenues that help people and serve the community. Types of positions include:

  • Family Support Worker
  • Youth Worker
  • Case Management Aid
  • Child Advocate
  • Social Work Assistant

Market Outlook:

In the past 12 months, more than 1,300 jobs were posted in Pennsylvania requiring an associate degree in human services. According to Burning Glass Technologies © 
the following areas within human services are expected to increase: 

  • Human Services positions requiring an associate degree grew more than 9.2%. This is higher than the national average.
  • Human Services Support positions are projected to grow by approximately 13.5%  


Tanya Van Hove '13, Human Services

After my kids grew up and left home, I was downsized from my employer of 15 years. I thought it would be a good time to finish my degree and change my line of work. It was a personal accomplishment. E-town made it flexible and easy with a mix of online and class courses. The courses are tough, but you really "earn" your degree. It was the best choice I made during that life transition. 


Program Curriculum

Associate of Science in Human Services
The associate degree from Elizabethtown College requires 64 credit hours of academic work. Degree candidates must take at least 15 of their last 30 credits from Elizabethtown College. Credits from Elizabethtown must include at least 9 credits in the major.

Course Requirements for Human Services

Major Requirements (30 credits)

Choose three courses:

Core Program (15 credits) 

Choose two Areas of Understanding:

General Electives (19 credits)


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