Associate in Health Care Administration

Health Care Administration 

Health Care from the Inside Out 

Healthcare careers are in-demand, and the projected growth continues to trend upward beyond other occupational fields. Regional facilities—rehab centers, urgent care locations, outpatient centers—are constantly expanding or opening to meet the demands. These health care facilities need skilled professionals to lead and manage operations.  

As a health care administrator, you’ll handle intricate details of patient care from the inside out. You’ll work with office and medical staff alike to effectively and efficiently run a health care facility or organization. Whether you want to work in a health care facility, a medical supply company, or at an insurance provider, you must be able to adapt to changes in health care laws, regulations, and ever-evolving technology. 

An associate degree in Health Care Administration from Elizabethtown College School of Continuing and Professional Studies will provide you with the knowledge and practical skills to excel in various health care administration careers.

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Career Opportunities and Outlook:

Career Opportunities:

This exciting field presents opportunities for our graduates to lead, optimize and make their mark on one of the fastest growing occupational areas in the country. Types of positions include:

  • Health Care Administrative Support
  • Health Care Billing and Collections
  • Health Care Administrators and Managers
  • Health Care Office and Building Administrators
  • Health Insurance Specialist

Market Outlook:

In the past 12 months, more than 11,300 jobs were posted in Pennsylvania requiring an associate degree in health care administration. According to Burning Glass Technologies © 2017, the following areas within accounting are expected to increase 2017-2026:  

  • Health Care Billing and Collections positions are projected to grow more than 12%
  • Human Services positions are projected to grow by approximately 10%


Program Curriculum

Associate of Science in Health Care Administration
The associate degree from Elizabethtown College requires 64 credit hours of academic work. Degree candidates must take at least 15 of their last 30 credits from Elizabethtown College. Credits from Elizabethtown must include at least 9 credits in the major.

Course Requirements for Health Care Administration

Major Requirements (24 credits)

Required for Major:

Choose two courses:

Core Program (18-19 credits) 

Choose three Areas of Understanding:

General Electives (15-16 credits)


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