Associate in Corporate Communication

Corporate Communication

It’s All About the Right Message 

It’s never been a more exciting time for a career in communications. We have more ways to reach an audience than ever before, and with this vast landscape comes the need for strong communicators—creative professionals who can get their organization’s message heard loud and clear.

As a communicator, you will use your skills and creativity to influence others, shape public opinion, and interact with the public. You’ll work in various mediums and collaborate with others to craft messages, establish and maintain brand identity, engage with your audience, and reach business goals.

With an associate degree in Corporate Communication from the Elizabethtown College School of Continuing and Professional Studies, you will send the message that you are well-positioned and ready to make your statement in today’s rapidly changing, globally focused communications world. 

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Career Opportunities and Outlook:

Career Opportunities:

This exciting field presents opportunities in nearly every industry for outstanding communicators to craft messages for a range of mediums and audiences. Types of positions include:

  • Interactive Communications Coordinator
  • Public Relations Specialist
  • Advertising Sales Representative
  • Marketing Assistant/Marketing Specialist
  • Copywriter

Market Outlook:

According to  Burning Glass Technologies © 2017,  the following areas within corporate communication are expected to increase between 2017-2026: 

  • Marketing Assistant/Specialist positions are projected to grow more than 15% 
  • Communications and Public Relations positions are projected to grow more than 6%
  • Sales Representative positions are projected to grow 6.5%


Marilyn Bowers, Harrisburg, Pa., Corporate Communication

The program served a huge need. I knew I couldn't move forward in my career without higher education. … If not for E-town's commitment to adult learners I would not have had the opportunity to continue my education nor could I inspire others to continue.


Program Curriculum

Associate of Arts in Corporate Communication
The associate degree from Elizabethtown College requires 64 credit hours of academic work. Degree candidates must take at least 15 of their last 30 credits from Elizabethtown College. Credits from Elizabethtown must include at least 9 credits in the major.

Course Requirements for Corporate Communication

Major Requirements (24 credits)

Choose one:

Choose four courses:

Core Program (18-19 credits) 

Choose three Areas of Understanding:

General Electives (21-22 credits)


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