• Happy Holidays from the SCPS!

    Happy Holidays from the SCPS!

    As we enter the heart of the holiday season, we celebrate our students and alumni and the decision to complete your degree, whether it is a current endeavor or something you've accomplished in the past. We're also grateful for our affiliated faculty who take the time to guide and support our students. It takes time, dedication and a vast network at home, in the workplace and at Elizabethtown College to make it all happen.

  • Lead Facilitator Karl Brummer Promoted at Messiah Lifeways

    Lead Facilitator Karl Brummer Promoted at Messiah Lifeways

    Congratulations to Karl Brummer, Lead Facilitator for the Business Administration program, on his recent promotion to Senior Vice President for Mission Integration at Messiah Lifeways. In addition to overseeing the Human Resources, Community Support, and Enrichment areas from an operational perspective, he works to assure that we consistently implement the organization's mission strategy across all areas of Messiah Lifeways' program and services.

  • Staff Member Spotlight: Stephanie Hughes

    Staff Member Spotlight: Stephanie Hughes

    We are so excited to welcome the newest member of the SCPS, York administrative assistant, Stephanie Hughes. We asked Stephanie to tell us a little bit more about herself and what interested her in this new position!

  • SCPS Student Referral Program

    SCPS Student Referral Program

    Thank you for your continued support for the School of Continuing and Professional Studies. The number one way prospective students hear about us is from a personal referral. We appreciate your kind words and thank you for spreading the word to your friends, family members and co-workers!

  • Database Spotlight: CQ Researcher

    Database Spotlight: CQ Researcher

    Whether you are searching for detailed information on a policy issue, objective coverage on a controversial topic, or both the pro and con sides of a debate, CQ Researcher, is a great resource. This database is available to you through the High Library.

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