Student Support Services

Academic Advising 
The School of Continuing and Professional Studies provides a supportive atmosphere that will empower adult learners to achieve their educational, career, and personal goals.  In keeping with the missions of the College and SCPS, academic advisors will provide the tools necessary to accomplish these goals while recognizing the diversity and experiences unique to adult learners. 

After learners submit the formal application materials, they are assigned an academic advisor who will process the materials and work with them throughout their degree program.  A learner’s academic advisor will provide information and guidance regarding degree plans, registration processes, prerequisites and course selections, support services, and academic policies and procedures.  The academic advisor can also assist the learner in developing and evaluating the progress toward an educational plan consistent with their life and career goals and objectives. 

The primary goals of the academic advising staff are to:

  • Serve as the primary resource for a successful transition to and completion of SCPS adult degree programs.
  • Foster active participation in and ownership of the academic decision-making process.
  • Supply accurate information about institutional policies, procedures, resources, and programs.
  • Assist adult learners in course selection and evaluation of progress toward goals and objectives.
  • Provide timely and accurate responses to all inquiries.
  • Respect the privacy and confidentiality of adult learners.
  • Uphold the policies, procedures, and values of Elizabethtown College and SCPS while adhering to the highest level of ethical behavior.

Academic Advising Staff: 

Career Services
Students are invited to attend career and networking events hosted by Career Services throughout the academic year.  A list of current events is maintained on their webpage; students should monitor regularly for updates and details.

Students are encouraged to utilize resources on the Career Services website for job search resources, advice, and samples. Students may meet with staff for assistance with their job search planning as well.

Job and internship opportunities are posted through Jobs for Jays. To request an account in Jobs for Jays, contact your advisor or Career Services directly. 

Additionally, the School for Continuing & Professional Studies offers a 1 credit course on Career Development for the Lifelong Learner. 

The College Store
On the Elizabethtown campus, the College store is located in the Brossman Commons Campus Center. It carries various class and office supplies, convenience items, and College logo merchandise. Online shopping is also available here

  • NOTE: Textbooks for the School of Continuing and Professional Studies’ courses are NOT available through the College Store.

Disability Services: The Elizabethtown College School of Continuing & Professional Studies is committed to providing equal access to all of its courses, programs and services for qualified students with disabilities in accordance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990.

The Office of Disability Services requires documentation from the treating health care provider about a student’s condition in order to establish the presence of a disability, gain an understanding of how the disability affects the student’s ability to function in a college setting, and make informed decisions about reasonable accommodations and adjustments. The Director of Disability Services reviews all requests for academic adjustments and accommodations.

For further clarification about policies for students with disabilities, please contact your academic advisor or Lynne Davies, Director of Disability Services, at (717) 361-1227.

For more information, please visit their website.

Learning Services in the Center for Student Success
Tutoring, writing consultation, study skills information, and other audio/video cassettes for improving academic performance are available in the Elizabethtown College Learning Services office on the Elizabethtown campus. An appointment may be necessary for writing consultation; there is a modest hourly charge for tutoring.

The High Library, Elizabethtown College Campus
The High Library, located on Elizabethtown campus, offers many resources for students.  The physical building houses books, DVDs, and journal and magazine subscriptions.  Study space is also available for students and faculty.  (Students may reserve group study rooms via an online reservation system

The library’s homepage is a great place to start for all academic research, as the library subscribes to more than 70 searchable databases with lots of full-text articles, e-books, and other materials. All off-campus users will be prompted to enter their Etown usernames and passwords in order to access the library’s online resources.  (Students should contact their academic advising coordinator if they cannot log in or access information.)

The library’s homepage features the following links and tools…

  • Type a topic into the big QuickSearch box to search many databases (including the library’s collection of print books) simultaneously.
  • Choose the “Databases & Articles” button to view an alphabetical list of all databases.  These general and subject-specific options are very popular with students:
    • Academic Search Complete—a large collection of articles in all subject areas
    • Atomic Learning—a series of tutorials and trainings on Microsoft Office, Appleworks, and other common programs
    • Business Source Complete—a collection of case studies, company profiles, and market research reports for major businesses
    • Criminal Justice Collection—a collection of articles relating to criminal justice, criminology, law enforcement, homeland security, and related subjects
    • Ebook Central—a collection of scholarly publications from university presses
    • EBSCOhost Ebook Collection—a collection of high-quality academic and popular titles
    • Hoovers Online—a series of company overviews with histories, competitor lists, and related industry details
    • LexisNexis Academic—a collection of international, national, and regional newspapers
    • Statista—a collection of statistical data from opinion-research polls, businesses, scientific and trade journals, and government agencies
  • Use the “Journal Finder” tab to see if the library subscribes to a specific journal, magazine, or newspaper.  (Search by the publication’s title.)
  • Choose the “Research Help” button to view tips and tutorials for starting any research project.
  • Choose the “Ask a Librarian” button to submit questions and to find contact information for the library staff.  Students should not hesitate to reach out to the librarians for research assistance of any kind.  The librarians are reachable via phone, email and text during the workday, and via email and text on evenings and weekends.

The library’s schedule of hours is also posted on the website:  Note that summer and holiday hours may vary.

Students who wish to check materials out of the library are first encouraged to obtain a College ID card from Campus Security.  Students without a current College ID should contact an academic advising coordinator prior to coming to campus.

Students may also take advantage of the library’s reciprocal borrowing agreements with other area institutions: 

  • ACLCP is an association of Pennsylvania college and university libraries that includes Franklin & Marshall College, Harrisburg Area Community College, Lebanon Valley College, Penn State Harrisburg, and York College.  Students may borrow books and other physical items from any ACLCP library listed here: Note that students are required to present a valid College ID card in order to borrow materials from these institutions.  For more details, visit ACLCP’s web page.
  • PALCI is an association of college and university libraries in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, and West Virginia.  Students may borrow books and other physical items from many PALCI libraries as well.  Consult the “List of Participating Libraries” on PALCI’s On-Site Borrowing web page. Prior to traveling to another PALCI library, students should ask the Elizabethtown librarians to complete an Authorization Form (also on PALCI’s web page) that will grant permission to borrow materials.

Some local libraries, including those that belong to ACLCP and PALCI, offer on-site search access to several online resources and database subscriptions.  As these permissions are determined separately by each institution, students may contact individual libraries to investigate this option.

Peer Tutoring Program
The Peer Tutoring Program offers in-person tutoring from a current student or alumni of the School. Students can request a Peer Tutor by contacting their academic advising coordinator or completing a Tutor Request form on JayWeb.  The coordinator of the Peer Tutoring Program will assess tutor availability.  If a tutor is unavailable, the academic advising coordinator will discuss other options with the student.  If a tutor is available, the student and tutor will sign a tutoring contract to initiate tutoring services.  The program is free and limited to students currently enrolled in classes through the School.  Students can meet with their tutor a maximum of two hours per week throughout the five-week session.  

Smarthinking, Inc. 
Smarthinking is a tutoring service that provides web-based tutoring 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Students can access live tutorials in accounting, math, business, writing, sciences, etc., as well as a full range of study resources, including writing manuals, sample problems, research tools, and study skills manuals. Smarthinking is not an answering or proofreading/editing service. 

Smarthinking is FREE to SCPS students. Additional information and videos are found in JayWeb; students can request an account by contacting their academic advising coordinator.

Books for all locations and sessions are available through our online vendor, MBS Direct. . If you choose to order your books from a different vendor, it is your responsibility to ensure you have the correct book. Some customized books may not be available through other vendors.

Use of aid for textbooks
It is recommended that students pay for textbooks directly rather than using aid money. If it becomes necessary to withdraw during the refund eligibility period, or due to medical reasons, which allow for a pro-rated refund, federal regulations specify a Title IV Refund Formula be used in calculating the refund amount. That amount is then returned to the source of the aid funds, not the student. Cost of textbooks cannot be figured into that and students may owe money for the books. If students pay for the books up-front and then have excess aid funds left on account, that money will be refunded. 

Textbook Buyback
Students may utilize the online buyback services provided by MBS Direct. MBS Direct staff also invites students to bring books to Elizabethtown Campus during the College’s buy-back week (usually during finals week of the Elizabethtown College full-semester day program). Hours for the College’s buy-back week are during the day; call the bookstore for information.

Veterans' Benefits 
Students who may be eligible for military tuition assistance & veteran’s benefits should contact their Educational Services Office (ESO) or counselor prior to registration to confirm the availability of tuition assistance funds. An account should also be established on the GI Bill® Web Site: (or 1-888-442-4551). You may want to visit this resource,, a joint self‐service web portal; a central location for Veterans, Service Members, and their families to research, find, access, and, in time, manage their benefits and personal information.

Students who are using veterans' benefits for tuition must contact the School’s Certifying Official well in advance of the first class to provide any necessary paperwork required to certify a student’s enrollment. Veterans attending the College for the first time should be prepared to pay their tuition for the first semester while awaiting reimbursement from the Veterans' Administration. 

Veteran and active duty students are eligible to register for classes one week earlier than other students.  Veterans and active duty students do not need to be using benefits to qualify for early registration.  For additional information, students should contact their advisor or the School’s Certifying Official.