Jordan Dodson

Administrative Assistant

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Jordan DodsonEducation:
Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations, Messiah College

Determined to pursue his vocation of empowering individuals to accomplish dreams they never knew they could achieve, Jordan Dodson, a recent college graduate was selective when choosing his career path. So when an opportunity to work alongside an institution and program, which embodied his lifelong pursuits came into fruition, he committed himself to make a lasting positive impression. However, vocation does not stop when he clocks out of work. Even in his personal life, Dodson continually seeks opportunities to positively impact others, through the church, family gathering and spending time with friends, lifelong or just beginning. For Dodson it is not about what you undertake in life but who you complete your goals with. Partnering with Elizabethtown College’s School of Continuing and Professional Studies, Dodson leaves those considering higher education the following advice, “If your passion is learning but your vocation is serving, then Higher Education could just be your calling.”