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Where to do your research ... online or in person.

high library logo book and window iconStudents of the School of Continuing and Professional Studies have access to Elizabethtown's High Library to do research in person or online. The High Library houses 258,000 books and bound periodicals and more than 670 periodical subscriptions and 40 databases, giving you access to more than 35,000 electronic journals. If you are looking for somewhere quiet to study, the library features private and group study and research space. Additionally, the library provides online access to resources worldwide, with the availability of over 40 databases.

With an Elizabethtown College ID, students can check out books and other research materials. Students from the Dixon University Center, the Lancaster Center and the York Center, who currently do not have an ID, can make arrangements with their academic advisor to obtain an ID card for use at the library. Students can also have off-campus access to library databases; however, you must have a computer logon set up to do so.

Visit the High Library.

Library hours are usually extended during exam periods and are shortened over breaks and vacation periods, according to the traditional academic calendar.