Name (link) Courses
John Abel Business Law
Business Ethics
Jill Archer EN1000 Writing and Language
John Badovinac Graduate: 
Leading Innovation and Change through Cross Sector Collaboration (MSL) 
American National Government 
Public Policy 
Global Macroeconomics: Principles and Issues 
Principles of Microeconomics 
Andrea Barrow Counseling Techniques and Skills 
Foundations of Accelerated Learning 
Case Management and Documentation 
Developmental Psychology
Billy Bataille EC 1000 Global Macroeconomics
EC 1020 Prinicples of Microeconomics
Thomas Battle BA 2480 Quantitative Techniques for Business
Thomas Baxter AC 1070 Business Financial Accounting
AC 1080 Managerial Accounting
BA 3250 Business Finance
BA 4250 Problems in Financial Management
Jon Beaulieu BA 3400 Business Information Systems
BA 4660 Operations Management
Karl Brummer Graduate: 
Global Business Strategies (MBA) 
Strategic Human Resources (MBA) 
Leadership in Business & Life (MBA) 
Business Ethics (MBA) 
Ethical Dimensions of Leadership (MSL) 
Business Ethics (BA) 
Human Resource Management (BA) 
Corporate Strategy (BA) 
International Business (BA) 
International Communications (COM) 
Human Resources in Healthcare (HCA)
John Cantwell BA2150 Principles of Marketing 
BA3140 Sales and Sales Management
Lori Cauffiel Graduate: 
Organizational Behavior (MBA) 
Foundations of Leadership (MSL)
Lorelei Coplen Graduate: 
MSL 550 Organizational Design & Development
Richard Coplen Graduate: 
Leading Innovation and Change through Cross-Sector Collaboration (MSL) 
Societal Economic Analysis (MBA) 
Innovation and Creativity (MBA)
Kedren Crosby Graduate: 
Strategic Communication for Effective Leadership (MSL)
Stephen Desjardins BA 3100 Business Ethics
Thomas Downing Graduate: 
Foundations in Financial Accounting and Finance (MBA) 
Corporate Finance for Business Leaders: Theory and Practice (MBA) 
Business Financial Accounting 
Managerial Accounting 
Business Finance 
Problems in Financial Management
Mark Elicker MA 1510:  Probability and Statistics 
MA 1080:  Applied Mathematics:  Problem Solving Using Excel
Ryan Fox Graduate: 
Societal Economic Analysis (MBA) 
Global Macroeconomics: Principles and Issues 
Principles of Microeconomics
Terry Freed CS3420 Computer Networks and Networking 
CS4420 Computer Network Security 
HCA2680 Information Systems In Health Care 
CS3410 Systems Analysis and Design 
CS2000 Information Systems Ethics 
CS4900 Readings and Projects in Computer Science
Stephen Fries

Societal Economic Analysis
Data Analysis and Techniques for Informed Decision Making
Organizational Behavior
Strategic Human Resource Management 
Applied Business Leadership in Action [Capstone]
Quantitative Techniques in Business
Operations Management
Corporate Strategy
Human Resources Management
Labor Relations

Phillip Gaudreau AC1080 - Managerial Accounting
BA3250 - Business Finance
Elizabeth Givler Introduction to Interpersonal Communication
Western Religions in a Global Context
Marc Goldberg Principles of Management
Modern Corrections.
Robert Goocey Graduate: 
Foundations in Critical Business Analysis (MBA) 
Data Analysis and Techniques for Informed Decision Making (MBA) 
Applied Business Leadership in Action (MBA) 
Applied Research for Strategic Leadership (MSL) 
Introduction to Project Management (MSL) 
Quantitative Techniques for Business 
Business Information Systems 
Excel Basics 
Information Systems Ethics 
Introduction to Database Systems 
Systems Analysis and Design 
Computer Networks and Networking Systems 
Database Systems Development and Applications 
Computer Network Security 
Applied College Mathematics 
Probability and Statistics
Beth Greenberg MA 1510 Probability and Statistics
HCA 4500 Long-Term Care Administration 
Frederick Gundlach Various accounting and business-related math courses
Aaron Harnish Court Administration
Police Organization and Management
Introduction to the American Criminal Justice Systems
Ethical Issues in Criminal Justice
Juvenile Law and Justice
White Collar Crime
Simon Hauser Graduate: 
Corporate Social Responsibility (MBA) 
Sustainability  (MBA)
Kimberly Hawkins  Forensic Accounting
Governmental and Non-Profit Accounting
Cost Accounting
Intermediate Accounting
Managerial Accounting
Business Finance
Dennis Helsel  Probability and Statistics
Kimberly Hess Ethics in the Helping Professions 
Human Development
Stacey Hinzman Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy
Counseling Techniques & Skills
Ethical Issues in Human Services
Introduction to Substance Abuse & Addictive Disorders
Marriage & Family
Social Issues
Discovering Society
Pamela Hoffman

BA 4670 Human Resources Management
BA 3690 Organizational Behavior
BA 360 Leadership
Com 210 Public Performance and Presentation
Com 364 Small Group and Team Communication 

Robert Innerst Com 2100 Public Performance and Persuasion 
BA 3140 Sales and Sales Management 
Com 311 Reporting and Newswriting for the Media 
BA 155 Managerial Communication 
BA 3120 Advertising Management 
BA 2150 Principles of Marketing
Lorelee Isbell Graduate: 
Leading Individuals and Teams (MSL)
Robert Kennedy EN2420 American Literature II
EN2610 Literature and the Workplace
EN2810 Writing and Analyzing the Short Story
FS1500 Foundations of Accelerated Learning
IDC4900 Senior Research Project
Christy King Graduate: 
Applied Research for Strategic Leadership (MSL) 
Ethical Issues in Human Services 
Research Methods in Human Services 
Human Services Seminar 
Discovering Society 
Social Issues 
Foundations for Accelerated Learning
Nicole Kirksey HCA 3620 Nutrition in Health Care
HCA 3610 Managerial Epidemiology
HCA 3600 Issues in Women's Health Care
HCA 2650 Health Care Management
IDC 4900 SCPS Senior Research Project
Deborah Klahold Graduate: 
Accounting For Strategic Decision Making (MBA)
Michele Leader Ethics in Human Services
Mental Health Crisis and Intervention
Substance Abuse Assessment and Intervention
Programs and Policies in Human Services  
Lindsay Leigh Environmental Choices 
Foundations of Accelerated Learning
Robert Lowe Undergraduate 
Race and Ethnicity in American History
Sarah Lupinacci EN1000 Writing and Language 
EN2420 American Literature:  1865 - Present
Leo Lutz Juvenile Law and Justice
Substance Use and Abuse
Research Methods
Community Based Treatments
Introduction  to Criminal Justice
White Collar Crime
Catherine Malstrom Cost Accounting
Managerial Accounting
Allyson Martin Foundations of Accelerated Learning
Small Group and Team Communication
Organizational Communication
Joyce Martin Graduate: 
Ethical Dimensions of Leadership (MSL) 
Conflict & Negotiations (MSL) 
Business Ethics 
Building on Diversity in Business 
Human Resources Management 
Multi-Cultural Communication
C. Robert May Health Care Ethics 
Health Care Marketing & Consumer Issues 
Principles of Management 
Industrial & Labor Relations 
Business Ethics
Kevin McBride Marketing
Steven McDaniel Race and Ethnic Relations 
Multi Cultural Communications 
Ethical Issues in Criminal Justice
Michael McVey Business Ethics (BA3100)
David Miron

REL 2210 Western Religion in a Global Context
IDC 2750 Religion and the Human Condition
BA 3600 Leadership

Karen Mitchell Graduate: 
Strategic Communication for Effective Leadership (MSL) 
Organizational Design (MSL) 
Leading Organizations & Teams (MSL) 
Managerial Communications 
Integrated Marketing Communications 
Public Relations 
Advanced Public Relations 
Organizational Communications 
The Creative Process 
Foundations for Accelerated Learning
Terry Mollett CS1010 PowerPoint
CS1180 Fundamentals of Computer Architecture
CS2000 Information Systems Ethics
CS3100 Introduction to eCommerce
CS4900 Readings & Projects in Computer Science
David Musser Environmental Choices
James Myers  Ethical Issues in Human Services
Shadena Natty Introduction to Human Services 
Court Administration 
Modern Corrections
Barry Nelson Criminology
Psychology of Criminal Behavior
Sandy Nelson FS 1500 Foundations for Accelerated Learning
David Nice Graduate: 
Foundations of Leadership (MSL) 
Organizational Behavior (MBA)
Bruce Nilson Graduate: 
Leadership in Business and Life (MBA) 
Organizational Behavior 
Corporate Strategy (Capstone)
Matthew Ohlinger Principles of Management 
Business Ethics
Barbara Randazzo Graduate:
Ethical Dimensions of Leadership
Foundations for Accelerated Learning
Business Ethics
David Radcliff Poverty in a World of Plenty
Intro to Globalization
Environmental Choices
James Reichenbach HS4120 Human Services Delivery 
HS2160 Human Development
Cindy Rose Film as Literature 
Foreign Film 
Foreign and Female 
Introduction to Drama 
Literature in the Workplace 
Living Shakespeare 
Literature of the English Renaissance 
History of Art I 
History of Art II 
American Literature II 
Various Weekend Intensives 
Book Discussions at various Excel Seminars
Ellen Santos BA 2150 Principles of Marketing and Communication Courses
Wendy Schucker HS 1620  Social Welfare Programs & Policy 
HS 3660 Counseling Theory & Practice
Michael Seavers Graduate: 
Information for Strategic Decision Making (MBA) 
Health Care Management (MBA) 
Introduction to Microcomputer Applications 
Systems Analysis and Design 
Quantitative Techniques for Business 
Business Information Systems 
Health Care Policy 
Health Care Insurance Policy/Managed Care Organizations
Lori Seiders Undergraduate - 
FS1500 Foundations for Accelerated Learning 
So2120 Sensitivity Toward the Aging Adult 
IDC4900 Senior Research Project 
Equity and Justice in the Workplace
Gary Shelly Ma 1510 - Probability and Statistics
Elizabeth Smith Reporting and Newswriting for the Media
Dawn Spaar Graduate: 
Organizational Development (MBA) 
Principles of Management 
Organizational Behavior 
Senior Research Project
Meghan Stalebrink Art 1550 History of Art I: Ancient Civilization to the Renaissance
Art 1570 History of Art II: Renaissance Through the Modern Age
Com 2510 International Communication 
En 2420 American Literature: 1865 to Present
FS 1500 Foundations for Accelerated Learning
IDC 4900 Senior Research Project 
Michael Staub White Collar Crime 
Court Administration and Management 
Criminal Law and Procedure 
Criminal Investigations 
Public Administration 
Numerous Weekend Intensive Courses
Brian Stevens Consumer Behavior (undergraduate)
Tod Traub

Principles of Management

Richard Tushup

About 27 years of psychology courses of several types

Jaci Verghese Health Psychology, General Psychology, Social Welfare Programs and Policy
Craig Wagner BA 4600 - International Business
BA 4950 - Corporate Strategy 
David Walker Undergraduate: 
CJ 2100 Police Organization & Management
CJ 3100 Ethical Issues in Criminal Justice
Mark Walker Business Finance, Managerial Accounting, Cost Accounting, Intermediate Accounting I & II.
Catherine Weaver Graduate: 
Leadership in Business and Life (MBA) 
Business Ethics 
International Communication 
Interpersonal Communication 
Principles of Management 
Corporate Strategy
Robert Wesoloskie Graduate: 
Accounting for Strategic Decision Making (MBA) 
Integrated Marketing Communications (MBA) 
Corporate Finance for Business Leaders: Theory and Practice (MBA) 
Fiscal Management for Strategic Decision Making (MSL) 
Principles of Marketing 
Marketing Management 
Consumer Behavior 
Advertising Management 
Sales and Sales Management 
Internet Marketing 
Financial Analysis and Reporting 
Business Financial Accounting
John Whitehouse CS 2000 Information Systems Ethics 
CS 4090 Database System Development and Applications
Glenn Wikel Introduction to Human Services 
Introduction to Substance Abuse and Addictive Disorders 
Biopsychosocial Factors of Substance Abuse 
Counseling Skills
Randall Winter EC 1000  Macroeconomics 
William Yoder Introduction to Excel 
Information System Ethics 
Environmental Choices